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Download File Finish to Start Successors
Most people understand the meaning of a Finish to Start relationship. Others expand their scheduling prowess to include other dependency types such as Start to Start and Finish to Finish relationships. This white paper discusses the relationship among these dependency types and why it is important to have traditional dependencies as well.

Download File Driving Paths
In addition to the Program Critical Path, most Program Managers want to see the tasks that are driving certain program milestones. This paper shows one method how to illustrate Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Driving Paths.

Download File Fixed Work Breakdown Structures
While the WBS features in Microsoft Project are robust and powerful, sometimes it becomes necessary to create your own Work Breakdown Structure and force the program to live by an external WBS provided by stakeholders. The white paper gives step by step instructions to creating a Custom Outline Code field to assist in this situation.

Download File What Percent Complete Shoud I be?
This is probably the most common question people ask and I am amazed why they do not know the answer. The answer is really a question: "What %complete did you plan to be?" A percentage is dividing two numbers. What is your numerator and denominator? The denominator is the key and the units have to be consistent. Once you understand the three definitions of Percent Complete and if you are accountable to your baseline or forecast, then you can answer the question by reading the white paper.

Download File Convert to Physical Percent Complete
Once a user decides to adopt Physical Percent Complete as their Earned Value Method, this white paper gives some tips and tricks on how to change views and set the backstage properly

Download File Importing Lookup Tables in MS Project
Moving a Custom Field Lookup Table or Outline Code between two Microsoft Project (*.mpp) files is a straightforward procedure.

Download File Timescale Numbering in MS Project
Sometimes you want the timescale dates in MS Project to be Day1, Day2, Day3.... instead of Month/Day/Year. Here is how you do it; it works great on Proposals when your go-ahead date is "After Receipt of Order (ARO)"

Download File Task Types in MS Project
Fixed Units, Fixed Work, Fixed Duration, Effort Driven.... Our heads spin too. This paper explains it.

Download File Stop Lights (Red Amber Green - RAG)
Fixed Units, Fixed Work, Fixed Duration, Effort Driven.... Our heads spin too. This paper explains it.
Download File Create Master and Subprojects
Using a Master file with inserted (linked, static, stand alone) are useful for differnte purposes. This paper explains the mechanics.
Download File Data Structural Dependence (Excel)
When you have to look at more than one row of data to "fill in the blanks," this is "Structural Dependence" This white paper explains how to eliminate this situation from Excel Worksheets; this makes sorting, filtering, and grouping much easier.