About Us
Our company focuses on creating success out of chaos. We swim in the deep end and jump in to help when the going gets tough. Our mission is to help others overcome the obstacles of complex cost/scheule and risk reporting providing clear insight to program management of how best to move forward towards successful program completion. Be it people, process,commercial software, or newly developed tools, we can help.


Company History
ProjectPMO originated back in the year 2000 and has been growing ever since. We started off with web customizations for clients in "our day job" but learned creating tools for Project Managers and other Program Management Office personnel was much more rewarding. As such we are now a full service Project Managment Organization emphazing cost/schedule integration and reporting.

We can assist in financial reporting, schedule analysis, schedule and financial risk assessments, logic analysis, establishing baselines, over target cost (and schedule programs) and all things Earned Value.

If you speak "DoD" .... DID-MGMT-81650, DI-MTGT-81861 (all formats).... we do too. You will find comprehensive help for many common and uncommon template topics in our Searchable support area.